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Commercial office cleaning

Commercial office cleaning requires regular and consistent service delivery which ensures that all aspects of the facility are attended to on a regular bases day in day out, week in week out.

PLEDGE Cleaning Solutions has professional cleaners trained to deliver the programmed cleaning services which the client has determined should to be done. The detailed presentation of your business is what will create your customer's first impression of your business which impresses or disappoints them. Pledge can ensure that their experience is a positive one.

Industrial cleaning

Because of the nature of industrial facilities and the activities carried out in them they are usually subjected by less experienced cleaning companies to more rigorous and robust cleaning materials and processes. However, with appropriate knowledge of the nature of the soilage and contaminants encountered in the facility the job can be done with easy and with no degradation of the surfaces affected.

PLEDGE can not only implement the processes properly but they can be scheduled in a timely programme without wasted effort achieving more efficient use of time.

Manufacturing facility cleaning

Manufacturing facility cleaning with systems structured around work flow to support your output and productivity. Quality targets are an essential element of our cleaning routines when we operate within the manufacturing environment. Your cleaner needs a sympathetic awareness of your businesses your needs and be prepared to schedule and undertake cleaning without disturbing the work flow and productivity of the business.

PLEDGE has experience developed over many years and a range of clients in dealing efficiently with the cleaning process all the while working with clients to minimise disruption to production processes

Medical and health care centre cleaning

Medical and health care centre cleaning must deliver a clean neat and professional appearance to the physical facilities which conveys to patients and other visitors a powerful message of concern for their welfare and satisfaction. The cleaning of Medical and Health Centres requires procedures which will not only clean as with any commercial enterprise the facility but the cleaning must reduce to a very high degree any opportunity for infections to exist and survive in the facility.

Sanitisation and hygiene is a central aspect of routines used by PLEDGE within medical and health centre environments.

Retail shopping centre cleaning

Retail shopping centre cleaning must focus upon the way the cleaning service can contribute to the presentation of the centre as a venue in which positive shopping experiences are assured. The appearance of rubbish in the car park and the access ways and unpleasant smells in and near toilets are real turn offs.

PLEDGE has developed routines for day cleaners and night routines to maintain the centre both internally and externally for the benefit of the public and at the same time to maintain the physical facility at the highest level desired by management and tenants. We can also work with tenants to assist them to maintain their lease premises.

Education and day centre cleaning

Education and day centre cleaning relies almost as heavily on hygienic cleaning routines as does the cleaning of medical and health care centres to help protect the little people who spend so much time in care. As the education year lends itself to concentrating much of the asset protection work to school close down periods and breaks.

PLEDGE can bring a large team together in the break times to clean carpets windows and strip and reseal floors. See our service range under Allied Services which demonstrates that PLEDGE can provide the full range of services to services any child care or education sector facility.


PLEDGE Cleaning is a Brisbane Cleaning company, based in North Brisbane. We provide office cleaning, window cleaning, builders final, exterior cleaning services from the Sunshine coast and the greater Brisbane area. We have over 25 years experience in providing commercial cleaning services throughout Brisbane. Our service is prompt, reliable and professional. We believe in honesty, integrity and attention to detail for all our clients.

We solve our clients' particular cleaning challenges every day. Call us on 07 3293 4200 for an appraisal of your cleaning needs and we can develop a tailored recommendation for you.

About Pledge Cleaning

Pledge Cleaning has provided commercial and industrial cleaning services to Brisbane businesses for over 25 years. We are experts in maintaining a healthy and comfortable workplace that reflects the professional image of your business.

We provide cleaning solutions for commercial, construction and industrial projects for the greater Brisbane area and Sunshine Coast.


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