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Carpet cleaning, stain treatment and removal

Carpet cleaning, stain treatment and removal is a process which most facility and building managers want to avoid because it is a considerable expense. But the reality is that carpet has immediate appeal for its easy of laying and its economies and quietness it is probably the greatest harbour of soilage microbes and every nasty known to the office. While on average 62% of applied floor treatments are said to be carpet the cost of "getting the carpet done" can be significant hit to the cleaning budget. This is true if it is to be done by an independent contractor but if it is integrated into the normal cleaning programme by PLEDGE Cleaning Solutions it can be charged as part of your normal monthly cleaning account to spread the cost.

Stripping, Sealing and Polishing

Stripping, Sealing and Polishing of resilient and hard floors. In many situations resilient or hard floors are installed in wet areas, canteens, laboratories and clean rooms and similar installations When these areas are subject to heavy traffic they are usually provided with a sacrificial surface which both enhances the floor material and also protects the material to lengthen its serviceable life. PLEDGE has extensive experience in stripping and refinishing these floors and provide this allied service as part of many contract cleaning agreements both to maintain the floor and also annually or more regularly, strip and resurface

Stone/Tile Cleaning and Maintenance

Stone/Tile Cleaning and Maintenance both internally and externally can be undertaken by PLEDGE using either chemical or mechanical means. Chemical cleaning of stone is a specialised field and should not be left to the unskilled. PLEDGE is able to chemical clean and polish stone and tiled floors as well as machine polish stone tiles as part of an contract cleaning agreement

HVAC system sanitisation and Air Care Treatment for Air-Conditioning Systems

It is now almost universally recognised that heating ventilation and air conditioning systems are invariably host to many strains of mould, microbial contamination and bio film. But most units are turned on without a second thought to what is being forced into buildings, shops, offices, workshops and homes from these systems. PLEDGE Cleaning Solutions as an accredited applicator of Aeris Guard Hygiene Solutions is able to annually treat the HVAC system yearly to improve the buildings air quality and protect the occupants from the effects of contamination

Hygiene and customised programmed washroom services. PLEDGE can provide wash room maintenance programmes either as part of periodical cleaning programme or as a stand-alone agreement. PLEDGE Cleaning Solutions can provide a deep cleaning service to remove unpleasant smells and unhealthy conditions in small and large washroom facilities. We can also supply urinal screens, sleeves and uric acid treatments, and provide sanitary bin services all designed to make the washroom experience a little more pleasant than it might other wise be.

Broad area mechanical sweeping and scrubbing

Broad area mechanical sweeping and scrubbing can also be included in your cleaning agreement if you are a body corporate responsible for the car park in your building of the paths internal to your property or our door car parks. We can bring our machines into your warehouse sweep or sweep and scrub on a schedule which fits your warehouse needs as a totally separate arrangement. Our machines are all battery powered so emission will never be an issue in enclosed areas.

Window and internal glass cleaning

Window and internal glass cleaning are eyes of your building and dirty glass just doesn't cut it in a commercial world. Included in the cleaning cycle the glass remains clear and provides a crisp professional appearance to your business.

Consumable supply and placement

Consumable supply and placement can be provided as part of any cleaning agreement in fact we have arranged with our supplier of washroom consumable to supply our clients at 12.5% discount from retail pricing (conditions apply). As part of the arrangement we organise the supply to comply with your purchase process, we deliver it to your site and we place it within your washroom dispensers as needs determine. You and your staff will never have to shop for toilet paper, hand towels, hand soaps and air fresheners or the like ever again.



PLEDGE Cleaning is a Brisbane Cleaning company, based in North Brisbane. We provide office cleaning, window cleaning, builders final, exterior cleaning services from the Sunshine coast and the greater Brisbane area. We have over 25 years experience in providing commercial cleaning services throughout Brisbane. Our service is prompt, reliable and professional. We believe in honesty, integrity and attention to detail for all our clients.

We solve our clients' particular cleaning challenges every day. Call us on 07 3293 4200 for an appraisal of your cleaning needs and we can develop a tailored recommendation for you.

About Pledge Cleaning

Pledge Cleaning has provided commercial and industrial cleaning services to Brisbane businesses for over 25 years. We are experts in maintaining a healthy and comfortable workplace that reflects the professional image of your business.

We provide cleaning solutions for commercial, construction and industrial projects for the greater Brisbane area and Sunshine Coast.


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