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Welcome to Pledge Cleaning Solutions

We are a professional, commercial cleaning company which offers a comprehensive and integrated range of cleaning and maintenance services designed to add value to our customers. We have strong core values which guide the way we operate and we invite you to learn more about us in the pages below. We are also excited to introduce you to our social justice initiatives which bring transformation to local communities in Australia and overseas.

Our values

As a 100% Australian, family-owned company, we have purposely built our business model on a strong culture of trust, integrity and authentic value to provide our customers with quality service every step of the way. Our core values are an expression of our purpose for being in business, who we are and who we intend to be. We work to build genuine relationships built on these values with our customers and our suppliers, so you can work with us confidently, knowing that our business relationship has a strong foundation. If you have a problem, we will work with you to find a solution. If you have a deadline, we will work with you to meet it.

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The clean team

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The Clean Team


We are passionate about our staff…

At Pledge, we believe that our staff are our greatest asset! They are highly-skilled, experienced professionals with many years experience in the cleaning industry who go out of their way to make sure that your needs are met. We have specialists in hard and soft flooring in our commercial, construction and residential cleaning divisions who know how to work efficiently and effectively so that your cleaning ‘just goes away’.

Pledge is a great place to work! We believe in investing in our staff through excellent training, personal development and real rewards. Genuine relationships built on trust and authenticity are at the heart of our family values which naturally flows into the Pledge culture and we believe, onto you as our customers. That’s just how we roll around here!


Our Management Team



Nathan brings experience in Operations Management in the commercial cleaning industry and is passionate about ensuring Pledge remains customer-focussed. He has acquired a depth of technical knowledge in each of our divisions and works hard to ensure quality outcomes are partnered with great relationships with all of our stakeholders. Nathan is a strong systems-thinker and loves to find ways for projects to be undertaken efficiently and effectively in each of our divisions. When he is kicking back, he loves playing soccer, watching Manchester United win their games and sharing his passion for soccer with his wife and four kids.



Justine brings expertise in organisational leadership and loves to build and empower people and organisations, helping them to be more than they think they can be. She is an an experienced C-Suite Executive, Consultant and Director, has worked with a variety of organisations in Australia and overseas and is a strong builder of culture and community. In her spare time, Justine loves entertaining friends and family and planning fun and adventure for whomever she can talk into being involved in her next project.

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One of our core values and part of the culture we have purposefully built at Pledge is that it is not enough for us to be profitable but that we use part of our profits to transform the communities in which we or our staff live and work.

We have chosen to do this in two distinct ways. Firstly, Pledge is a proud supporter of Destiny Rescue, an international organisation working to transform the global community by rescuing and restoring children caught in human trafficking and the child sex trade.

Secondly, we partner strategically with local community organisations wherever we have established a Pledge business unit or where our staff live and work. We take a personal interest in each charity we choose to support as they work to transform their local communities.

For each of the organisations we feature in the images above, we warmly encourage you to tap on the image to access the live link to their websites and find out more about the organisation concerned.