Commercial office cleaning

Commercial office cleaning requires regular and consistent service delivery which ensures that all aspects of the facility are attended to on a regular basIs day in day out, week in week out.

Pledge Cleaning Solutions will work with you to design a custom cleaning program that suits the individual needs of your business. Our professionally trained and presented cleaners will work with you to ensure that your premises create a great first impression with your customers and maintained as a healthy environment for you and your staff.

Industrial cleaning

Because of the nature of industrial facilities and the activities carried out in them, they can often be subjected to more rigorous and robust cleaning materials and processes than required. However, with appropriate knowledge of the nature of the soilage and contaminants encountered in the facility, the job can be done without further degradation of affected surfaces.

Pledge will implement the most appropriate and effective processes for your situation and schedule ongoing works in a timely program to achieve the most cost-efficient solution for you.

Manufacturing facility cleaning

We understand that cleaning of your manufacturing facility needs to be structured around workflow to support your output and productivity. We work with you to establish quality cleaning targets based on a realistic understanding of the unique operations of your individual plant/s.

The experience we have developed enables us to provide efficient cleaning processes while minimising disruption to your production processes.

Medical and health care centre cleaning

We appreciate how important it is for medical and health care centre cleaning to deliver a clean, neat and professional appearance to your facilities. High quality and hygienic cleaning is not only essential for the high standards of your clinical services but is also a genuine part of conveying a powerful message of concern for the welfare of your patients and other visitors.

We will work with you to ensure that your requirements for sanitisation and hygiene are detailed, recorded on your cleaning schedule and delivered by our professionally trained, specialist cleaners.

Retail shopping centre cleaning

We understand that retail shopping centre cleaning provides us with an opportunity to contribute to your overall presentation of the centre you own or manage. Whether your centre is a destination shopping experience or a smaller local convenience shopping centre, we provide well-trained, uniformed, professional cleaners who take pride in the standard of their work.

We continually work on our cleaning systems to perfect the effectiveness and quality of the outcomes we deliver. We are specialists in windows and floors, as well as public bathrooms and bins and can also work with tenants to assist them to maintain their leased premises.

Education and day centre cleaning

We provide the same high quality care with our cleaning of education and day centres as we do with medical and health care centres to help protect the children and youth in your care. We will work with you to create comprehensive cleaning schedules through the year and asset protection cleaning works during school holidays including interior and exterior window cleans, floor strip and seals, carpets and air-conditioning.

Our trained, uniformed, professional staff have been police-checked and carry ID and Blue cards for your peace of mind.